Rolf C. Campbell & Associates is now part of Manhard Consulting, combining local expertise with a nationwide network of engineering services.

Rolf C. Campbell & Associates (RCCA) is an established and experienced consulting firm that unites the disciplines of community planning, site design, landscape architecture, geography/cartography, environmental studies, graphic design, and governmental management to address development, sustainability, and land use issues. Founded in 1970, Rolf C. Campbell, CEO and Al Maiden, COO provide leadership and experience in guiding a team that provides technical assistance on the planning, land development, and preservation of urban, suburban, and rural communities for public and private clients. Whether aiding a village in creating its comprehensive plan or designing a real estate developer’s mixed-use lifestyle center, RCCA recognizes that each community has a unique identity and strives to create a “sense of place” with each project.

With representative clients from each county in northeastern Illinois and beyond, RCCA has helped new and established municipalities plan for their future development in ways that respect the visions and goals of their residents and elected officials. Beyond municipalities, RCCA extends its public client services to providing creative plans and solutions to the challenges and concerns of townships, regional agencies, councils of governments, transportation authorities, and special taxing districts, such as school, park, and fire protection districts. From its diverse past experience, RCCA has developed a reputation as a representative for its public clients that meets their needs while working with other stakeholders to achieve a consensus on the desired ends.

RCCA has a strong tradition of providing design services, entitlement representation, due diligence studies, and expert testimony for private clients, including property owners, developers, attorneys, solid waste management companies, and insurance companies. Through these services, RCCA has developed an in-depth understanding of specialty planning issues, such as waste management facility compatibility studies, design and location optimization of drive-thru uses, and gas pipeline easement condemnations. As with public clients, RCCA has helped its private clients work with the varied interests and concerns involved in the land development process in order to gain approvals and ensure successful projects.

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